Primula 'Colibri'

Everybody seems to grow plenty of flowering plants, petunias and the like… but when it comes to the colder months of the year, our gardens and patios are often left bare. Is that a lack of know-how? Or is it a lack of available colourful options?

I have news for you…

Primula “Colibri” is a game changer – some even call it “the winter geranium”! This series is giving as much colour during the cold months of the year as most summer annuals, and can change up your complete display. It might even cause you to get your seasons muddled up, like I did…

Primula such as this are ideal for patio containers, especially window boxes as they aren’t too tall. But they’re also quite at home in borders, blooming from autumn to spring. They’re reliably perennial too, and will simply hide beneath your summer perennials until they’re ready to have their moment again in the autumn months!

They’ve got great shape

Stems topped with bunches of flowers, Polyanthus-style. Heads are held above the foliage for maximum impact.

Primrose Colibri


They perform in all weather

Blooms are held high and away from mud splashes. Flower crowns are also tough and resilient: blooming through rain, snow and sleet.

Primrose Colibri


They are cold tolerant

It’s quite remarkable that these Primula will keep flowering even under a few inches of snow, and emerge looking as good as new!

Primrose Colibri


They are reliable

Selected for genuine perennial performance, these aren’t throw-away patio plants, they’ll last a lifetime!

Primrose Colibri


They are super strong

Durable plants that come through all weathers, but can also cope with a few inquisitive pets poking their noses into flower borders and such!

Primrose Colibri


They have short flower stems

Many traditional Polyanthus have long, tall flower stems, which leave them exposed. “Colibri” is compact, and looks all in proportion.

Primrose Colibri


They are vivid

The colour range is stunning, and grows every year. Colours are selected for staying bright during dull weather too.

Primrose Colibri


They have massive flowering potential

With their performance credentials, these Primula will flower from autumn through to the spring, which are many cases can become a six-month flowering period. What other plant gives you that??

Primrose Colibri


You will be able to find “Colibri” in garden centres during the cooler months of the year, look out for them, or search online.

The “Colibri” series is bred by Rudy Raes Bloemenzaden in Belgium.


Primula 'Colibri'

  • Carole Sinclair

    As with polyanthus do you have to relocate these plants to a shady area for the summer ?

    April 24, 2023

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