If you know me, you know I don’t like to be too serious all the time, which naturally means I gravitate towards April Fools Day. For me, it’s a bit of lighthearted fun, always intended with positivity and the goal to make people laugh (and feel a little gullible).

I’ve created a number of April Fools pranks over the years – revolving around plants, of course! After this year’s prank went down a treat, I wanted to reminisce about the times I’ve been able to fool a few folk on April 1st!

Here are the best April Fools pranks that I’ve put my name to:


Flori Opal

Smell before you buy

A description isn’t always the best indicator for fragrance – sometimes you need to smell before you buy! I ‘developed’ an app called Flori Opal, which sends olfactory waves through your smartphone speaker, allowing you to smell flowers before you purchase the plants! Watch the reel here.


Solar-powered USB flower charger

Harness the power of the sun with flower power! This USB-compatible sunflower is designed to gather its power from solar energy during the day, and convert it into a power source for chargeable electronics such as tablets and phones. Think about how much you’d save on your electricity bills!


Plantable t-shirt

Here’s a way to make fashion more eco-friendly! Tired of your old t-shirt? Chuck it in some soil, and watch your new garden grow!


The fabled ‘Welsh’ Lily

I donned my labcoat to introduce to your a new lily discovered in the valley of Priol Afol in Wales! Featuring a blue bud opening out into a blue-mauve lily, this would’ve gone into production AAP – if it weren’t an April Fools joke!


A trick for slow bulbs

Want to get your bulbs to flower? This old Dutch trick uses fresh water from a genuine Dutch dyke, orange juice concentrate, leftover strong Dutch coffee, and lemon juice to stabilise the colours!


Take a look at some of my all time favourite April Fools pranks by other people here.


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