My favourite plant hunting month of the year is rapidly approaching, June is packed to the rafters with new plant showcases across Europe. One date you must get in your diary though (and indeed get those flights and ferries booked) is the Flower Trials.

The event is spread across 3 regions in the Netherlands and Germany, and is a veritable treasure hunt for anyone looking to hunt down new plants, and indeed get to know what’s already hot in the marketplace. It’s excellent for buyers, product developers and anyone working in our fine industry. Houseplants are represented comprehensively too, and you never know – you might find the next big thing!

I would recommend two days minimum for your visit, and you’ll need your own transport, and be prepared to embrace early starts and late finishes. You can relax in the knowledge that most supplier glasshouses provide plenty of food and drinks along the way, though!

Here are my top 19 reasons why you just have to visit the Flower Trials 2023!

1. Meeting people

You can meet with colleagues and have wonderful conversations full of inspiration, share ideas and swap notes! It’s one of few times of year when most of the industry is in the same place at the same time – and we all know how lovely our hort industry is! Here I am with Martine van Went during her Florist BV days.

Flower trials


2. Get the latest ideas

You’ll see the very latest in new ideas and formats for selling plants – some suppliers will have plants ready to sell, others might be giving a sneak peek into what they hope to develop, and they’re looking to gauge YOUR feedback. Check out these 3-in-1 pre-planted shrub/perennial mixtures.

Flower trials


3. Access all areas

Glasshouses will be open, trial grounds will also be open – so you can have a wander and check out exactly what breeders are up to, they would really appreciate your feedback too, I’m sure.

Flower trials


4. New ways to display

You might spot some new and eye catching ways to display the plants in your own garden centre or nursery, these Sundaville plants at Suntory give inspiration thanks to their decorative dutch trolley and colourful pot covers.

Flower trials


5. Get all the info before you order

You can see the exact specifications in which plants are supplied, and discuss right there on the spot as to how many you might order!

Flower trials


6. Make connections

You might make some new connections, which lead to bright futures – who knows, you might meet future friends, colleagues or contacts!

Flower trials


7. See brand new plants at their best

You will see brand new plants, all primped and preened ready for your enjoyment. Here’s an interesting new bedding or rockery plant which could stand up to climate fluctuations, the Rockery Cactus!

Flower trials


8. Snap the best shots

There’s also potential to get your own unique photography, right there on the spot, as plants look their very best. Here, I took a photo with Cosmos Apollo, a plant which we offer on QVC, but had never got the message of its ‘bouquet’ shape right, until now..

Flower trials


9. See plants in the flesh

Meet plants in person that you had never seen before! I’d seen Craspedia in catalogues for years, but never really had a good understanding of its dimensions. Here, I was treated to a fiull greenhouse of this unique plant!

Flower trials


10. Get the latest on plant re-inventions

Find out which forgotten plants are being re-invented, as it’s not always about brand new items. Hypoestes has potential as an innovative patio plant for outdoors, despite this plant’s long history as a houseplant inside!

Flower trials


11. Eat and drink well

You can eat the most beautiful, wholesale food, and drink strong and sexy dutch coffee. Each location caters in some way or another, so I doubt you’ll need a packed lunch! Go easy on the coffee after 4pm though, it keeps me up all night!

Flower trials


12. Get ahead of trends

Stay ahead of current trends at each location, succulents are still strongly on trend and here we see a supplier pivoting towards them in their range.

Flower trials


13. Browse the full product ranges

It’s a unique opportunity to see the full series of product ranges, as a collection. As a buyer, you can then pick your favourites, create new designer blends, and of course check uniformity and speed of each colour/variety.

Flower trials


14. Go one step further with trends

Acknowledge the trends, but go further with them! I am sitting here convinced that houseplant orchids are the next big thing! Indulge yourself.

Flower trials


15. Change the future

Help shape the next winners in the industry, you’ll get the chance to vote in the Fleurostar Awards – shaping the future of our product ranges, and customer favourites.

Flower trials


16. Get a different perspective

See different ways to use unique plants, perhaps even plants you haven’t known how to sell previously. This incredibly unusual Ptilotus is an excellent example.

Flower trials


17. Compare and contrast

You might also get the opportunity to assess new lines side by side with existing lines, sometimes across different breeding companies. A golden opportunity to see if the ‘proof is in the pudding’ when it comes to new plants.

Flower trials


18. Excite your followers

Drum up excitement with your followers… I was certainly agog when I first saw this new DOUBLE-FLOWERED Alstroemeria, and my followers were just as excited!!

Flower trials


19. Come up with new ideas

And, finally, Flower Trials will give you the time and space to chat, throw around ideas, play with plants – and the result could be a new crazy idea, and a whole new way to sell plants…

Flower trials


Plan your trip, lay out your route, and more – at

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