Plant Geek Choice Awards 2023

It’s time to reveal the winners of the Plant Geek Choice Awards 2023!

If you’re unsure about what the Plant Geek Choice Awards is, click here to find out more AND see all of the plants that were entered into the competition.

I am delighted to reveal the winners from all the categories in this year’s competition. All of the plants were worthy of noting, regardless of whether they won – which makes it challenging for the voters! However, there have to be winners.

Before I announce the winners, I want to thank everyone who voted. Your votes actually help real breeders determine trends in the market, and make smarter decisions as a result.

So, without further ado, here are the plants that came out on top in this year’s competition.

The next top patio plant winner

Canna x generalis `CANNOVA RedGolden Flame F1’ by Takii Europe

Canna x generalis `CANNOVA Red Golden Flame F1’

The next top indoor plant winner

We had two joint winners that received the same amount of votes in this category. They are:

Epi-Cerium by Hassinger Orchideen


Freesia Rimini® by Van den Bos Flowerbulbs B.V.


The next top edible winner

Purplelicious F1 by Prudac Breeding Specialities


The next top bedding plant winner

Erysimum linifolium Erysistble by Syngenta Flowers

Erysimum linifolium Erysistble

The next top basket plant winner

Calibrachoa Fancy Francy by Selecta One

Calibrachoa Fancy Franzy

The next top eco plant winner

Señoritas® Osteospermum by Hendriks Young Plants

senoritas osteospermum

The next top perennial shrub winner

Hydrangea Surfing Safari by HOKO Breeding

Hydrangea Surfing Safari


The breeders with the winning plants will be notified!

  • Susan

    Love the epi_medium so glad it won would love to be able to purchase

    June 11, 2023
  • Susan

    Loved the epi_Cedium where to purchase please

    June 11, 2023

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