Miscanthus sinensis Boucle

Any preference on hair colour? When it comes to Miscanthus sinesis, there are a variety of options – from silver foxes to punky pinks – but the plum-red colours of ‘Boucle’ are a sight to behold!


How to care for Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’

Flowering time: June to October

Location: Borders, landscaping, coastal gardens, cottage gardens

Soil: Well-drained, moderately moist soil

Light: Sun or partial shade

Water: Water well while establishing and throughout the growing season

Size: 150cm H x 100cm W

Care: Low maintenance


Miscanthus sinensis Boucle

What’s different about this plant?

We’ve all seen how appealing Miscanthus sinensis can appear, swaying carefree in the breeze, the wind casting ripples in its sea of bewhiskered blooms. However, ‘Boucle’ is even more special thanks to its showy inflorescences (some might describe them as crimped, pink ponytails), which effortlessly stand out amongst the greenery.

Talking of greenery, ‘Boucle’ can also be noted for its narrow, dark green leaves that can turn purple to further complement its blooms. That’s right – colour changing foliage! What a way to zhuzh up your garden.

As the autumn season approaches, ‘Boucle’s ethereal plumes transform into softer silver shades.


Miscanthus sinensis Boucle

How was this plant created?

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’ was created by Polish nursery and ornamental grasses specialists Daglezjaryki, when sowing different varieties of the plant. The ‘Boucle’ inflorescence was definitely different from the others. In their words, it was “very thick, compact and, above all, extremely dark. In fact, we knew right away that it could be a big hit on the market”.

Daglezjaryki chose ‘Boucle’ in 2013 and won the first prize at the GrootGroenPlus 2018 Fair in Zundert in the Netherlands. That same year, the plant went to market.


Miscanthus sinensis Boucle

Where can you plant Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’?

Beyond its ornamental allure, ‘Boucle’ serves as a versatile addition to virtually any landscape design. Growing to a moderate height of 150 cm while spanning 100 cm in width, it’ll fill large gaps with ease and create dimension in any space. Whether used as a border component, in mass plantings, or even as privacy screening, ‘Boucle’ thrives in a range of garden designs. 

Its exceptional performance in potted arrangements also extends its use to terraces and patios.


Miscanthus sinensis Boucle

Where can you buy Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’?

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’ is available in the UK from Hayloft, and in the EU from Promesse de Fleurs.

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