I should say I’ve been prepping for weeks, but actually I only looked at the kit list last weekend, and I don’t actually know where we are landing. But I do know that we must meet everyone at heathrow airport for 2pm!

I’ve got my walking boots on already, if you put them in your hold luggage they could go missing you see! So, I’m a big clunky, sandy mess (already yes!) in the first class carriage of a train from the provinces to the city. My boots are still a bit dirty from Costa Rica. I’m a bit of a haphazard prepper, as you can probably tell.

But kit lists can be misleading. Its a good thing I had some inside track from a friend who’s been on the trek. So I didn’t pack a massive anorak, or ski goggles. I have followed my own flair though, and packed slipper style shoes, rather than flip flops (for the evening!), as I am fearful of scorpions. Oh, and snakes, should I have packed a sleeping bag with head section, so I could mummify myself every night??

Am I nervous? No, actually. More so expectant, no- eager. Make that eager. I think because I’d (amazingly) packed everything by lunchtime yesterday, it left me at a bit of a loose end. So, I just sat on my hands.

New people. New characters. It’s always like walking onto the big brother set. There will be one of each character there, each style of trekker. Those with every piece of kit, those who will have interesting back stories, the chap who takes loads of photos, and the guy who circulates around everyone and tells bad jokes (i.e. me). I’ll do a blog on them all when I get back. Although they’ll have probably read this by now, so they’ll be asking “which character am I??” – am I right, guys??

So, I won’t write much more as I need to cash in my first class seat credit for a watery coffee and limp packt of crisps. Oh the provinces. I’m getting out of you.

More blog coming soon… Little dribbles will also appear here and here!









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