The ultimate A-Z of the sahara

One of the games we played as we walked through the sweltering desert was the A-Z game. We did various subjects from pop singers to countries, cheeses to things you do at a wedding. But now, this is the A-Z of the Sahara, the mother of all A-Z’s! (But I apologise this might only make…

Day 9, then 10: nothing

Today I would stay in the hotel, all day, by the pool. For I have seen Marrakech before! So, only this happened…  

Day 8: the day I shouldn’t have walked anywhere

Today, my feet died. Alarm call for 4.30am, we were all very disciplined and rose like maggots from our sleeping bags. We assembled our kit in the dark, something we were getting good at with the use of our head torches.

Day 7: groundhog day

I woke up indoors (I had moved my bed in at 4am when it got too fucking cold), and we all had breakfast whilst our blisters were attended to. Some people made Mocca coffees.