Today, my feet died.

Alarm call for 4.30am, we were all very disciplined and rose like maggots from our sleeping bags. We assembled our kit in the dark, something we were getting good at with the use of our head torches.

Today was a bonus trek, entirely optional, and we could walk as the sun rose. My feet were lacerated. I needed ibuprofen, paracetamol, and plasters, double layered. I also needed codeine, so slept through some of the walk.

The sun rose behind us as we walked, it was almost magical. I breathlessly ate a cheese sandwich and foraged for unique wild flowers, and found many.

We kept walking and walking, apparently we were walking until the land rover caught up with us. Which was a bit of an annoying unknown. But it finally whizzed up. Our walking was OVER. OVAH.

Some of us were lucky enough to get into the land cruiser, so the chances of vomiting over the rough desert tracks were slightly reduced. What a horrid journey though, I felt proper sick. I was also sweating, as I’d kept all my clothes on for the walk, as it was cold when we started.

Finally, we reached a passport control thingy. Everyone panicked as I swung my legs out of the car, am I really that much of a liability?! We then got to the minibuses, and in a dog eat dog moment, I put my bag in front of the door of the better one!

We boarded the buses, and then within minutes, we stopped at a cafe in a small town. This is where everyone had a meltdown, as the two foot squared shop had to accommodate all our coffee and toilet needs, which was geographically very close. We also ate so many cakes and crips that we all felt sick.

The journey after this was DULL, winding, sick inducing. We later stopped at a mountain side shop and I bought a rock, which I named Bianca. I also treated everyone to a piss.

The drive then went on, and on, and on. We were heading to Marrakech, a little grouchy, tired and mangled, but happy that we had achieved our momentous 100km trek!

The hotel was superb! Just what we needed. I was sharing with my spiritualsnoring  partner, Terry, and we both had the long awaited showers, not together. I found I couldn’t walk very well, but hey ho. Nick remained a legend, as he dived in the pool and his trunks slipped off, twice. Tracey and I also had a laugh off in the food hall.

We were all pretty knackered, and zonked out that evening, just randomly chatting, eating and- most excitingly- checking our social media accounts.

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