Today I would stay in the hotel, all day, by the pool. For I have seen Marrakech before! So, only this happened…


I had a pizza for lunch, and a tortoise casually strolled past…


Later, in room 124 we had pre-drinks, and we took the ultimate selfie of the trip…


Then, some pesky kids grabbed my phone..


We went out for a celebratory dinner, and the awards were held! I think everyone lied theirs. Read about them on this blog! BIG CLICK HERE!

I was also given a present, a mug to pee in, AND the original GREY Shamla that I’d missed out on the haggling for…

Yes, I looked like a terrorist.

The next day, we all got up bright and early, well not at all bright, and travelled to the airport.. IT WAS OVER, and now we had a long trek home….


But, thank you to everyone, what an amazing, friendly, buzzing, hilarious, supportive group of people. And I’m so proud to have topped £5,000 for Alzheimer’s, in memory of my Nana!

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Love you all!

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