After visiting the La Pedrera, I met a friend for lunch. Yes, in Barcelona. How cool am I? I demanded to sit in the sun, and we did. My choice of shorts is still a little premature, and a shady cafe seat tends to come with a cool chill in the air.

I had a lovely egg stew for my lunch, though, and then did some more Barcelona wandering (on the sunny side of the street).

I had my cinema ticket booked for the evening, to see the English-subtitled showing of the new Pedro Almodovar film ‘Julieta’. I couldn’t help but feel achingly cultured. I put on my (now slightly smelly) clothes and headed out. I must do a sink wash today! Packing light needs maintenance.

I needed some food first. I really fancied a burger. But, alas, I opted for tapas, again. I have discovered tapas is mostly just potato, albeit in different guises! Oh, and prawns. Nevertheless it was delicious. Although, I made my restaurant decision a little too swiftly, and it was showing some football game. Ugh.

I then intrepidly made my way up to Balmes cinema by using the Renfe. The cinema was super quiet, with just a handful of people! I walked to the screen, just 10 minutes early, and it had already started. But, no. As I walked in I realised the last one hadn’t finished! Shamed.

It was a superb film. To be honest, films with subtitles maintain my attention a LOT better! I think I will only watch those from now on.

I weaved back to my hotel via Las Ramblas, took a few predictable tourist photos, spotted a beggar removing his false leg, and then bought some horchata to take to bed.

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