Edible flowers

Edible flowers are not just pretty, but tasty!

Some edible flowers have such robust flavours that they need to be paired with the right foods or drinks in order to let those flavours sing.

Nurtured in Norfolk’s edible flowers

Nurtured in Norfolk grow, nurture and supply the highest quality produce to many well known chefs, wholesalers and Michelin star restaurants. They are renowned for their range of ever-growing new, unique and innovative products.

As ex-chefs themselves, their ethos is simple: “the quality and consistency of the product has to be of an exacting standard that they would have expected and been happy to use themselves”.

Edible flowers

Edible flowers

All the products are grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and therefore extending the shelf life. The range of products available are: Micro Cress, Micro Herbs, Edible Flowers, Edible Leaves, Sea Veg, Peas/Shoots, Mint Tips, Micro Veg and Baby Veg.

Here are Nurtured in Norfolk’s list of top 10 edible flowers:

Edible flowers: Oyster Leaf

1. Oyster Leaf

Oyster Leaf

As salty and fresh as it sounds. The leaves produce an incredible flavour of the sea with definite hints of oyster, hence the name. This works very well with actual oysters or any fish dish. Also works well with wild mushrooms and surf and turf.

Edible Flowers: Buzz Buttons

2. Buzz Buttons

Buzz Buttons

Prepare for a multi-sensory experience. The tongue tingling tiny petals are usually pulled off the buttons and added to desserts, salads and cocktails, creating a completely different dimension to any dish.

Edible flowers: Velvet Coral

3. Velvet Coral

Velvet Coral

Stunning edible flowers from the Amaranth family. Flavoured with strong autumnal notes. Steam boil similar to a vegetable, then use in salads or as a garnish.

Edible flowers: Chop Suey

4. Chop Suey

Chop Suey

Pleasant aromatic umami flavour, with notes of celery and carrot. You can pair this with meat dishes, but it also works very well with fish and sushi.

Edible flowers: Mimulus

5. Mimulus


These vibrant flowers deliver a unique addition when decorating dishes. They are both colourful with a delicate fragrant flavour.

Edible flowers: Fuschia

6. Fuchsia


With their graceful shapes and vibrant colours, these flowers are beautifully eye-catching when used in salads or cake decorating. The petals can also be crystallised or inserted into jelly or ice for a visually unique effect.

Edible flowers: Fennel Flowers

7. Fennel Flowers

Fennel flowers

Intense bright yellow colour with a subtle taste of liquorice. Pair with fish dishes, salads or even sprinkled over roast potatoes.

Edible flowers: orchids

8. Orchids


These flowers are naturally beautiful, and come in a range of vivid colours, so they’re often used as a stunning decoration on statement cakes, cocktails and salads.

Edible flowers: Mushroom Leaf

9. Mushroom Leaf

Mushroom Leaf

These leaves work really well in stews, soups and salads. They contain all the flavour of mushroom without the texture, and are packed full of vitamin C, iron and beta carotene with a texture similar to spinach. The leaves contain a high amount of protein, so are ideal for a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Edible flowers: Ice Plant

10. Ice Plant

Ice Plant

This juicy and succulent sea herb packs a punchy flavour of salt, therefore it naturally pairs well with fish and seafood dishes. Can be blanched to reduce the saltiness, or eaten raw.

Edible flowers

Edible flowers

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