I didn’t grow up with that obsession with the USA like many kids my age. I was never crazing my parents to take me to McDonalds (possibly as I was a mock vegetarian and their fillet-o-fish is so yuk). I was never obsessed with shows like the A-Team either (possibly too butch!). Nor did I have an unnatural obsession with an 80’s, fishnet-covered Madonna.

So, yeah, the USA was never high up on my list of must-see’s. Although, I did spend a very nice few weeks exploring the West coast parks a few years ago, that was just incidental, I was flying past at the time.

But, New York. What was I to make of New York? It seems like every US film is set in New York. Even if you’ve only watched a handful of films, you’re bound to know the city off by heart. Could it be one of the most familiar cities in the world!?

Then, you arrive. Yes, it IS like the movies! The streets are plated with skyscrapers, the soundtrack is a blend of car horns and chatter, and the famous sights are pretty much all in your eyeline, like all the time. Mainly because they’re so damn big!

So far, I love New York, but not because of what I’ve seen on the big screen. More because it feels unusually cosy, uniquely friendly, achingly cosmopolitan, gloriously liberating, easily explorable. Plus, they have every flavour of Ice Tea I’d ever dreamed of.

Here, enjoy some photos:

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