10 New York flowers to inspire you during May

The bridging weeks between spring and summer are always magical, as the garden truly comes alive! Last week, I was hanging out in the native plant garden at the New York Botanical Garden, and was fan-girling all over the place! The 3.5 acre native garden features only plants that are native to north-eastern USA and…

The most epic train journey in the USA.

Sometimes the long way around things is more exciting and interesting. So rather than select a 39 dollar flight from LAX to Seattle, I decided to go by Amtrak. Rather than a few hours, this would take me a couple of days. The journey began in Los Angeles, as I dropped my hire car at…

How to find free transport around New York City!

The last time I visited my energetic friend, Lorna Ko, she had a new toy. It was a scooter. Now, I hadn’t ridden a scooter since I was around 4 years old, and certainly hadn’t considered riding once at the age of 36. 

Discovering the pumpkins and scarecrows of New York Botanical Garden

I was super excited to receive a direct message on Instagram from the New York Botanical Garden earlier this week, inviting me to an exclusive evening with Ray Villafane, pumpkin carver and scarecrow extraordinaire!  Ray is an American artist now based in Arizona, who specializes in sculpting. He is most famously known for his 3-D Style pumpkin…

Top Five Plants of the New York High Line right now

Sticky,  sweltering, summer New York. The only place to cool down is… err… nowhere really, except perhaps the A/C of the H&M store. But, that doesn’t stop a plant geek, and I climbed up onto the High Line early on Saturday to see what botanical marvels were waiting for me!