Before you all hit the ‘report abuse’ button, wait! Prick is the actual name of a real life Cactus shop, and it’s a damn cool place at that.

Prick London is the brainchild of the lovely Gynelle. It is (possibly) London’s first cactus shop, and is located on the Kingsland Road, in the heart of so called ‘hipster land’. I visited Gynelle towards to the end of the day, however the shop was still bustling with customers who were popping in for their phallic fix after work!

Being in a cactus shop was overwhelmingly exciting for me! Firstly, because I have long felt despondent about the UK’s relationship with houseplants, and the censorship that means most homes only attempt to grow Schefflera and those damn Ficus that always drop their leaves.

What’s more, I grew up growing a lot of these plants with my Nana. I have fond memories of growing Lithops (Living Stones) from seed, and hunting down the Senecio rowleyanus, as I loved the strings of green beads! (I don’t think I ever tracked a plant down, we didn’t have the internet back then!)

This was the first time that the Instagram obsession with cacti and succulents had spilled over into real life, and i was loving it! Not only is Gynelle selling cactus and succulents because people love them and want them, but they are more than just a commodity to her.

She has a super impressive knowledge and makes sure customers truly understand the full names of the plants and how to care for them. Her obsession shows no sign of letting up either, if the Instagram photos of her hauls are anything to go by!

The shop offers cacti and succulents of every shape and size; and start from just a few pounds to a few hundred! Prick London also sells some decorative pots to home your prickly pride of joy.

Why not pay Gynelle a visit next time you’re in London…? Visit the Prick London website here.


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