Well over a year ago (when I had quite a respectable beard), I was given some beard products from the guys at Pioneer Beards. I tested out some oil and some balm! Now, I’d been used to a certain fragrant and luscious product from Lush, so it took me a while to convert…

However, I soon started to use the products, but in a slightly different way to how is usually advertised.

I ended up using the balm- not just for my beard- but also for my hair! The texture of the fragrant balm gives hair a really lovely shine, and actually darkens it too. In fact, everyone kept asking if I had dyed my hair! It smells pretty good, and people were commenting on it more than my aftershave. Apparently, I left a trail of pleasant aroma wherever I walked! To apply it, i found you really need to massage it into your hands first, to break down the granules. This mean I got myself a hand moisturise as well!

And with the oil, I used this more conventionally, for the beard, moustache, or later beardstache…! I loved the ‘woody’ fragrance, it was super manly and again a good sub for expensive aftershaves. Plus, it kept my beard soft enough for everyone to touch! And, when you have a big beard, people will ask to do that wherever you go; in shops, bars, clubs, garden clubs..

Here’s a quick tour of the many looks I achieved with my Pioneer Beards stash!

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