Love coffee? Love plants? You’ll love these cafes!

This isn’t quite the article that you may expect. It isn’t about where to eat organic, green food, moreover it’s about where to eat and drink amongst GREENERY! I am super lucky to travel the world with my Plant Geek activities and always make a special effort to track down spots where I can indulge…

10 different beard and hair looks courtesy of Pioneer Beards

Well over a year ago (when I had quite a respectable beard), I was given some beard products from the guys at Pioneer Beards. I tested out some oil and some balm! Now, I’d been used to a certain fragrant and luscious product from Lush, so it took me a while to convert… However, I soon…

How to find free transport around New York City!

The last time I visited my energetic friend, Lorna Ko, she had a new toy. It was a scooter. Now, I hadn’t ridden a scooter since I was around 4 years old, and certainly hadn’t considered riding once at the age of 36. 

Top Five Plants of the New York High Line right now

Sticky,  sweltering, summer New York. The only place to cool down is… err… nowhere really, except perhaps the A/C of the H&M store. But, that doesn’t stop a plant geek, and I climbed up onto the High Line early on Saturday to see what botanical marvels were waiting for me!

New York Botanical Garden- the big daddy in the big apple

Every year, over 1 million wide-eyed visitors enjoy the vast, 100 hectare New York Botanical Garden, a ‘green paradise’ set in the heart of the Bronx. The garden is a major horticultural hub, with 80 Ph.D scientists working in it’s state of the art labs, and more than 100 members of staff keeping the gardens looking…