Oh my gosh. I have spent the weekend feeling extremely upset after a day’s shopping. It’s not because I’d expired my credit card limit, it’s because all I witnessed were expired indoor plants.

It was incredible to see this Sansevieria wilting on a shop shelf. Sansevieria are known as being remarkably drought resistant.

Plants, and everything green, are on trend right now. Step into a high street store, and chances are there will be some plants in there. They’ll either be large, majestic specimens standing in the store, or smaller specimens tucked away on the shelves by the boxed underwear. The desperation to join this houseplant revolution means that plants are popping up everywhere, but sadly staff tend to forget that they are living things.

Shops can lack natural light. Natural light is what plants need to survive- and flourish. Plants also need water; not too much, not too little. My suspicion is that most plants are installed into these high street stores without any training or knowhow.

I actually mentioned the ‘disappearing Echeveria’ to the waitress in the restaurant that we had lunch in. Her response was indifferent. Plants are never seen as something you need to care for, it seems! In my opinion, each shop or restaurant should have one designated member of staff that cares for those plants. I could tell that the places on yesterday’s jaunt didn’t have any such person!

What shall we do about unhappy plants? Click here for my #PlantSOS programme!

With such a lack of willing interaction, wouldn’t it be better to install some realistic, artificial plants instead, and save the cruelty! Can you tell the difference with the artificial plants below….? Read more about my thoughts on fake here!

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  • Sean Davies

    Brilliantly put @mrplantgeek . Plants exist in a multitude of stores, both for decoration and for sale to customers. I have been in many a store only to discover either cut flowers or potted plants lacking the basics of adequate water.
    Surely this is common sense, particularly if the intention is to sell these goods onward to the consumer? A popular high street retailer known for their name being shortened to initials is a repeat offender. Asking staff politely to do the kind thing and provide water is key, despite the occasional funny response you might receive as a result. Having read your article I will continue to speak up. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of others also 👍🏼

    September 4, 2017
  • I often see wilting or half dead plants in shops or restaurants. It’s never anyone’s responsibility so they don’t get properly taken care of. If they can’t water their plants in a restaurant, are they washing their own hands? it’s basic stuff.

    September 4, 2017

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