Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

Insect-eating plants have always been a fascination of mine, and they are often the first plant that children want to grow. However, the Venus Fly Trap is usually the chosen one. But, have you ever seen a Pitcher Plant?? Yes, it’s a real plant, not just an extra from the Little Shop of Horrors!

I’m super chuffed to have ‘Nepenthes nut’ Domonick Gravine guest blogging on the Mr Plant Geek site! I’ve watched his crazy plant love from afar for many months now, and finally we have him here!

I challenged him to tell Mr Plant Geek followers, in just 10 bullet points, why he loves carnivorous plants so much! His energy is absolutely infectious, so watch out!

Nepenthes expert, Domonick Gravine

Say hi to Dom!

So, Dom, tell us why you love Insect Eating Plants so much..

1. They are the coolest things ever! Plants that actually capture and digest insects, and sometimes amphibians/small rodents?! Need I say more?

2. They are living art! To lure their prey, carnivorous plants have evolved some of the most spectacular colour combinations and patterns you ever seen! They are absolutely amazing to marvel at!

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

3. They are an actual pet! Ok, they don’t bark or meow, but interacting with your carnivorous plants is a fun and loving relationship to have. When you’re hand-feeding a venus flytrap’s hungry mouth, or find a mouse in your giant Nepenthes pitcher, you begin to realize they are more like an animal than a plant..

4. Family fun! It’s an awesome hobby to get the kids into:) It will keep them busy and make for some awesome quality time!

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

5. They raise your energy vibration! Growing any plant is good for our mental health and is a natural preventative for depression. When we feel good, we allow more great things to come into our lives! And, who doesn’t want that?!

6. Natural preservation! By supporting credibly-sourced carnivorous plant vendors, wild poaching is pressure is reduced. It also brings awareness to their quickly disappearing habitats and the importance of protecting these fragile and scarce ecosystems!

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

7. Sharing knowledge! By growing bizarre carnivorous plants, you become a teacher of sorts! Trust me, your friends and neighbours will soon start asking questions! Sharing your knowledge about the fascinating plants will interest people and you may even get them addicted to the hobby too!

8. They attract wildlife! Insects come hither for their sweet nectar, and the animals that eat those insects will follow! Boom! More nature! I personally love how my Nepenthes attract spiders, which create the most spectacular web work I’ve ever seen!

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

9. Satisfaction! When your plants are producing many colourful traps, you’ll feel satisfied you grew them so well!

10. Because they are my most favourite beings on this planet and I promise you’ll love them too!

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

Dom runs a carnivorous plant nursery called Red Leaf Exotics in Brooklyn, New York City. He can often be seen frolicking with his collection on Instagram (occasionally shirtless)! Find out more about Dom’s incredible collection and plant sales by taking a visit to his website here. Maybe we can tempt him back to the Mr Plant Geek website soon to share his some secret growing tips..

Nepenthes (Insect Eating Plant)

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