World Naked Gardening Day is almost upon us, being the first Saturday of May each year. It’s a day for gardeners to celebrate gardening in the most natural form – that’s right, naked! Many enthusiastic gardeners take part in this day every year; just take a look at the best photos from this day last year.

To celebrate World Naked Gardening Day 2018, I’ve listed seven ideas on how you could spend your time whilst in the nude.

Apply sun tan lotion

7 things to do on World Naked Gardening Day

Despite the Beast from the East, or the Pest from the West, or whatever you want to call the weird weather we’ve been experiencing, it would be a good idea to protect your naked skin with some sun tan lotion to avoid getting burnt!

Take a selfie

Although it’s not required to take a photo (and it’s definitely not required to share it – although that’s completely up to you), it might be fun to keep a pictorial memento of this day.

Invite your friends over

If your friends are also keen gardeners – and not afraid of a little nudity – invite them over for the afternoon to help out with a gardening project, and share their tips and ideas.

Enjoy a drink in the garden

7 things to do on World Naked Gardening Day

After a hard day’s work in the garden, you deserve some refreshment! Make up a batch of your favourite tipple, and enjoy the fruits of your labour whilst sipping in the nude.

Join in the conversation with #WNGD

Taking a break? Log  onto Twitter or Instagram and search for #WNGD to see what other naked gardeners are up to! Share your thoughts on the day, and don’t forget to retweet this blog post!


What’s World Naked Gardening Day without some gardening? Just keep away from the stinging nettles…

End the day with a giggle

7 things to do on World Naked Gardening Day

Unless you’re a full-time nudist, you’ll want to return to your clothed state by the end of the day. But what better clothes to wear than those with a cheeky gardening reference? Shop the Mr Plant Geek ‘Rude Botany’ collection, where you’ll find a whole host of naughty gardening phrases on high quality t-shirts. Bag one for you, or for a friend – or both!

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