Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Stachys lanata

Celebrating World Naked Gardening Day on the first Saturday of May? You’ll want to know about these five nudity-friendly plants so that you can enjoy gardening in its most natural form, without worrying about stray pricks or stingers…

World Naked Gardening Day: Be care-free with these nudity-friendly plants

Stachys lanata
Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Stachys lanata
Also known as Lambs Ears for its incredibly soft texture, you’ll have no problem working with Stachys lanata on World Naked Gardening Day. This plant is excellent for borders, and even helps minimise weeds as its roots are very determined. This is becoming trendy again as an ornamental plant for vases and bouquets – pair it with white hydrangeas for understated glam. And try not to worry too much if you find your guests inadvertantly stroking its leaves.


Thornless roses
Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Mme. Alfred Carriere climbing rose

Mme. Alfred Carriere climbing rose

Admittedly, these may not be completely thorn-free, but if you’re determined to work with roses on World Naked Gardening Day, these are the ones to choose.¬† The higher up the roses, the less thorns there are – so they’re easy for pruning and cutting. Thornless roses generally make a great addition to any garden where there are children or pets running around. They’re also great for outdoor seating or dining areas!


Paulownia tomentosa

Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Paulownia tomentosa leaf

Also known as an Empress Tree, Princess Tree and also a Foxglove Tree, Paulownia tomentosa’s large, ovate leaves are perfect for hiding behind on World Naked Gardening Day when you receive an unexpected guest! Simply slip behind its ample foliage, et voil√† – you have nature’s own coverage. Its pretty lilac, foxglove-like flowers are fragrant, and make a colourful addition to a spring garden.


Ficus carica
Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Ficus carica
Ahh, the classic fig. Make a biblical impression just like Adam and Eve with Ficus carica leaves. Like Paulownia tomentosa, the leaves of the fig plant are large and provide plenty of coverage – just in case. Easy to grow, fig trees produce a delicious, juicy fruit which may or may not look like the monster in Stranger Things when cut open. I’ll leave that up to you.


Chamomile Lawn

Nudity-friendly plants for World Naked Gardening Day: Chamomile lawn

We all like to feel like we’re in a Renaissance painting every now and then, and a chamomile lawn is the perfect backdrop. Grass’s lower maintenance sister, a chamomile lawn is easy to grow and perfectly suits areas with little foot traffic. If you’re planning on doing a bit of sunbathing (please wear sunscreen! We don’t want to leave sensitive areas exposed for too long!), this is the ideal place to do it. It’s soft and bouncy, providing a natural cushion for tired naked gardeners.


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