Lighting has both decorative and practical uses in the garden and home, whether it’s jazzing up  a summer garden party or navigating a dark loft space. It can look great by day or by night!

These new contemporary pull cord light bulbs turn on easily by gently pulling the bulb downwards. There’s also a nifty remote control for turning the lights on and off from afar, for example if you want to illuminate the garden without stepping outside. Bulbs stay cool and there’s no risk of burning.. No more fumbling in the dark for a light switch, hey!

These lights come in a set of 3 and you can choose from solid gold, silver, rose gold or bronze colour. They are weatherproof, shatterproof and water resistant, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they are on special offer on QVC UK all day on 11th June 2018….! Tune in from midnight.

Here are 49 uses for these LED lights- from the practical to the decorative, from the creative to the downright crazy…! Are you ready….?!?!!

  1. Take them along on summer camping escapades and hang them from the centre of the tent.
  2. Hang them beneath parasols and umbrellas for ambient evening lighting.
  3. Drape them over the roof beams in the loft to create an easy lighting option.
  4. Use them as night lights for children’s bedrooms.
  5. Grab one to help you reach the loo in the middle of the night without waking your partner!
  6. Keep one hung in the shed to help you in the dark.
  7. Use the remote control, then you can turn the bedroom lighting off without getting out of bed…. lazyyyy!
  8. Decorate the annual Christmas tree!
  9. …or indeed any houseplant indoors..
  10. Hang them off your bag for safety if you’re walking anywhere in the dark late at night.
  11. Hang in the greenhouse for those late spring nights, pricking out and potting up seeds.
  12. Transform a vase with one light upturned in the centre.
  13. It’s also a handy light for airing cupboards and utility rooms.
  14. Hang one (carefully) around your neck to help illuminate on dog walks.
  15. Place them along the pathway to guide the route into the summer party..
  16. Place them up the stairs to show the way to the loo, at that same party!
  17. Dangle them at the top of a hanging basket to illuminate the planting.
  18. Hang streams of the lights across your garden and create the set from ITV programme Love Island!!
  19. Dangle them amongst the trees to create a fairy garden.
  20. Upturn them and place them in your patio pots to highlight the plants.
  21. Use them as a torch for all your household needs.
  22. Put them inside lanterns and outdoor candle holders to restyle them!
  23. Hang one by the front door to illuminate your house number.
  24. Use them as glow-in-the-dark maracas!
  25. Hold them beneath you to re-enact scenes from the Blair Witch Project film!
  26. Take them on holiday for instant stylish lighting, wherever you’re staying.
  27. Switch one on and hold it while you pick slugs off your plants with your other hand!
  28. Hang in a row above a dining table for a real smart look.
  29. Buy 4 sets and hang them in your living room and pretend you are Gina G in her ‘Ooh, aah, just a little bit’ pop video.
  30. Install them upside-down amongst the rockery, and switch them on with the remote control at night.
  31. Buy a set and build a hollywood-style mirror for your dressing room at home…!
  32. Use them with your annual Halloween decorations in the home.
  33. Save on fancy light fittings by grouping 3 (or more) together, and using them in any room.
  34. Make them a feature in the kitchen, hanging them below the cupboards to illuminate the workspace.
  35. Send kids out with them (safely) if they’re ever walking home from school in the dark.
  36. Make sure you keep a few handy in the garage for late night trips.
  37. Add them to summer containers, upside-down, for a modern design touch.
  38. Get this season’s tropical garden look by hanging them around your outdoor space!
  39. Drape 2 sets from a horizontal rope and hang between 2 trees for ‘garland lighting’.
  40. Hang them from your winter snowman!
  41. Take them to summer festivals, so you have light when the sun goes down.
  42. Illuminate book shelves with them.
  43. Change the look of ugly conifers by hanging them amongst the branches.
  44. Group all 3 together and replace your existing living room lighting.
  45. Open a hipster cafe and use them as lighting.
  46. Use for summer weddings.
  47. Always have one ready in your under-stairs cupboard.
  48. Place them upside down along any pathway to illuminate the way!
  49. Consider using them around the pond as up-lighters, they are water resistant after all!

Buy your set here.

And, here’s a gallery of uses- by day and night:

Watch our preview video here – and then watch us LIVE on QVC UK from midnight on Monday 11th June!


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