Garden jewellery: Adding personality to your garden

You may not think that jewellery is your thing. But have you ever thought of using it in your outdoor space? Accessorising the garden can add flair and personality. In some cases, it can completely transform your outdoor space, even if you’re on a budget.

Now, just to be clear, we aren’t just talking about gnomes here. ‘Garden fashion’ has moved on. You can find a whole host of ornaments in a range of materials and designs – from flamingoes to frogs, pigs to parrots.

Garden jewellery: Adding personality to your garden

With garden jewellery expert, Lucy Piper

So, if you’re a plant addict like me, and you really can’t find space for anymore plants, it may be time for that ‘garden jewellery’ to arrive on the scene. It could be Shaun the Sheep nestling in your flowery borders, or a driftwood cockerel standing proud on your lawn. You can also adorn fences and brick walls with a touch of fun, but don’t forget lighting and wind-mobilised spinners too!

Materials are always weatherproof and can live through those unpredictable english summers, and some materials are even designed to ace gracefully, weathering in a way that makes it look as if they’ve always been there in your garden! This specific aged look is known as ‘wabi-sabi’, read more about it here.

But, right now, I want you to take a little walk around your outdoor space, and see where garden jewellery could make that difference. I’ll walk with you…

In your border

Add some interest that goes long beyond the flowering season with some pieces amongst your borders. Wind-spinners are a great choice for this position. They hold their flamboyance above the main flowering display, and shimmer as the wind blows!

Fight the seasons with the addition of some fun mini flower statues too, I’ve been so impressed by the intricate designs of some of the decorative solar flowers this season.

A few solar lights nestled towards the front of a border are also a good idea, as their uplighting will cause your plants to ‘glow’ at night too.

On the lawn

As long as you remember to move it each time you mow, a garden ornament on your lawn can add some personality to your outdoor space and get the visitors talking! Many of the free-standing designs are supplied with small pegs to anchor your piece down too. Just don’t trip over it (as I probably would!)

Or, maybe you want to go all out and get a sleek designer look. If so, why not install some metal alliums on your lawn?

In the trees

Did you know that you can use your trees to your advantage, and breathe new life into ugly Leylandii hedges? Check out the cute peeping owl with wood effect, which can be nailed to any old tree.

Your visitors may even think you’ve managed to attract real owls to your garden. That’ll be the Richard Jackson brand bird food, I reckon!

Garland lighting can easily be strung through trees and shrubs too, and our recent lighting offer also has a remote control, so you could turn it on and off from indoors!

On the balcony or patio

If you want a garden dripping your personality, don’t worry about space restrictions. There’s a lot you can do in a smaller area, whether that’s a concrete patio, cramped balcony or even a window box..

There are miniaturised versions of many of the popular garden decorations, from wind spinners to solar lighting and ornaments. Amazingly, water features have also been miniaturised, and can be stood on the patio or balcony, yet still give that grand fountain effect, and usually without any wiring or plumbing required!

Think about hanging some jewellery too, wind chimes offer not just colour, but also some hypnotising sounds. Next time you’re out there doing your crossword, you may well find your brain entering a zone of zen instead…

On a vertical surface

There’s some great wall art to choose from, which can bring a whole new meaning to the outdoor room concept. Fix it to brick walls or dull beige fences.

Check out some of the easy fix wall lighting too. By choosing solar, you won’t have to worry about any wiring or DIY tasks either. The dusk sensor also gives added security at night.

On a table surface

We don’t tend to put much onto our outdoor tables during the summer. However, our European cousins always make sure there’s a focal point, whether it’s a small potted plant or some type of weatherproof ornament.

But, I think you might find a space for Shaun the Sheep’s younger brother, Timmy!

Or, you could go for this season’s tropical look, thanks to this glitzy owl ornament, with it’s central solar ball, it’ll be sparkling all evening long! Or, why not experiment with the resin fish. After all, we said it’s about adding some personality to your garden, didn’t we?!

Here’s 5 of my favourite pieces of garden jewellery:

Look out for the upcoming special offer on QVC UK on these fantastic metalwork Lily flowers too. Their first airing will be midnight on Monday 20th August! See the full article here.

What has been your favourite piece of garden jewellery from this post? Comment below!

  • Julie Davies

    The Lillies look amazing and I bought the three little Owls on a branch a few weeks ago they’re really lovely x

    August 16, 2018
  • Julie Cebulski

    I have the pig and love it 💜
    Liking the look of the Lillies. I have so many pots with various types and really miss them when they’ve finished flowering so these would be ideal.

    August 17, 2018

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