If you’ve been itching to renovate your house to add more space for your beloved plants, a conservatory may be the answer. While it can serve as a wonderful place to sit, relax, and have a cup of tea, it also poses some benefits not just for yourself, but for your plants as well.

So, let’s outline a few reasons why adding a conservatory could be a great choice.

It keeps pests away

Damage to your plants caused by pests is a plague that anyone with an outdoor garden experiences — and it gets worse when you realise just how bad it gets. eOrganic author Mary E. Barbercheck points out the different ways insects can damage plants, such as feeding damage, which causes holes in leaves and stems, and oviposition damage, where insects lay eggs in a hole in the plant tissue.

It’s a safe space for your plants to grow

If you tend to leave your plants on your windowsill, or have a small but lovely garden, it goes without saying that they might have to endure some harsh weather throughout the year. Fortunately, you won’t have that issue when they are in a conservatory where you don’t have to sacrifice your plants’ health. Additionally, you’ll get to keep them away from pests or other animals that could harm your plants if you kept them in the garden, so you’ll reduce the chances of chewed up leaves or trampled on plants by a random, stray cat.

You can control the temperature

A key benefit of having a conservatory is that you get to control the temperature, which plays a crucial role in the growth of plants. For instance, you can grow plants that usually thrive in summer inside your conservatory. Additionally, depending on the materials used to make your conservatory, Bart Chukowski notes that you can better control the temperature and energy-efficiency of your conservatory. For example, with solar window films, you’ll get to decrease glare, heat, and even UV light.

Easily customisable for a plant’s needs

With conservatories, you’ll be able to customise the space as you see fit for the types of plants you want to grow. For example, you can add trellis structures for climbing plants, or have windows and blinds to keep the temperature cool in the conservatory during the summer. Not to mention, if you take a glimpse at the relatively spacious conservatories on Screwfix, you can see that they will provide your plants plenty of space to grow, with the average size usually around 3.29 metres in height and 3.88 metres wide.

You’ll get to save energy

Being able to control the temperature within your conservatory lets you save energy. Energy sources such as water and the sun’s heat will be more controlled in the conservatory compared to your typical garden. For instance, you can keep moisture circulating through the atmosphere with water features such as a miniature waterfall or central fountain.

If this article has convinced you to get a conservatory, an infographic by ConservatoryBlinds4Less has outlined the best plants that can grow indoors along with their benefits.

House plants: Best plants for your conservatory

House plants: Best plants for your conservatory

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