Symphoricarpus Magical Sweet

Commonly known as ‘Snowberry,’ recent breeding work has transformed the berries of Symphoricarpos into a range of candy-like colours. Attractive flowers appear from midsummer and berries are formed from late summer onwards. The flowers are a great source of nectar for pollinators – the crop is always a favourite for bees and butterflies – but this plant is primarily grown for its wonderful round berries. These remain on the plant into the winter, long after the leaves have dropped.

Symphoricarpos is a medium-sized suckering shrub. It makes a dense plant that can be grown as a standalone plant, or used as a more unusual hedging option where it can be enjoyed over a long period.


How to grow Symphoricarpos

Flowering time: from June onwards, with berries formed from mid-August and held well into the winter months.

Location: best planted as part of a hedge or shrubbery.

Soil: thrives in most soils, although it does not like wet soil.

Light: full sun to light shade.

Water: water well when planting until established.

Care: requires little to no maintenance. Can be pruned to reduce height in spring if required. Symphoricarpos spreads by dropping suckers which you may want to remove as they appear. Beware – pruning after flowering will remove the berries.

Hardiness: Fully hardy in the UK.

Size: 1.5m x 1m

Warning: Berries are poisonous if eaten.


Symphoricarpus Magical Sweet


Symphoricarpos ‘Magical Galaxy’, ‘Magical Sweet’ and ‘Magical Candy’ are cultivars of Symphoricarpos x Doorenbosii, ‘White Hedge’, and varieties within the small genus of Symphoricarpos shrubs in the family Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle). Most species are native to North America, except for one species that originates from central China. The Magical Series. All varieties of Symphoricarpos in the ‘Magical’ series have bell-shaped, pinkish or white flowers and two-seeded berries, with ‘candy’ tones. The most popular of these is S. albus (Magical Galaxy), which produces clusters of white berries along delicate stems and oval leaves.


Symphoricarpus Magical Sweet


For garden and nature lovers, the Symphoricarpos ‘Magical’ series provides impressive colour and structure along with late summer flowers. They keep giving through winter, adding colour to borders.

It is a fantastic plant for anyone creating a wildlife-friendly garden. The flowers are highly sought after by bees, butterflies and other pollinators, the leaves can provide food for caterpillars and the berries can be eaten whole by birds, especially finches, who will remove the pulp to gain access to the seeds. As it matures, the thicket can also help provide good cover for smaller mammals.


Symphoricarpus Magical Sweet

Where can you find the Symphoricarpos ‘Magical’ series?

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Symphoricarpus Magical Sweet

About Hillier Nurseries

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