Leycesteria formosa 'Little Lanterns'

Leycesteria formosa ‘Little Lanterns’ is a beautiful new compact variety of Leycesteria. The plant was originally intended to make its debut at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020.

Leycesteria is great for smaller gardens, with its bright foliage and twisting shoots. The plant’s foliage provides a long season of interest, covering almost 10 months of the year. In spring ‘Little Lanterns’ offer luscious lime green foliage and bright red shoots; in mid-summer the foliage turns to a golden yellow with pendant racemes of white flowers. In autumn, the flowers turn to deep purple almost black ornamental berries, adding vibrance to the delicate roots.


How to grow Leycesteria

Flowering time: June to September

Sun Requirements: Full sun to light shade (the deeper the shade, the more lime the colouration of the foliage).

Location & Soil: Position in a sunny or lightly shaded spot in the border, or in a large pot with well-drained soil.  Avoid planting into soil which gets very wet. Remember to add plenty of organic matter and water once planted.

Soil: Well-drained soil.

Hardiness: Fully hardy in the UK.

Size: Grows to approx. 1.25m height x 1.25m spread.

Water: Keep well-watered until established.

Care: can be pruned hard in spring as new shoots start to emerge.

Size: 1.25m x 1.25m.


Leycesteria formosa 'Little Lanterns'

How was Leycesteria formosa ‘Little Lanterns’ created?

Five years ago, this new variety was selected as a seedling by Hillier Head of Wholesale Nurseries, Charles Carr. The seedling stood out by being more freely branching than other varieties of Leycesteria. ‘Little Lanterns’ shows thick, lustrous golden foliage with a true golden metallic sheen (lime green in shade), alongside deep red colouring to the growing shoots producing an attractive, dense shrub which stood up well in garden and container trials.

Little Lanterns is ideal for wildlife-friendly gardens. Birds love the berries on this plant, while bees and butterflies adore the flowers! According to Charles, the berries are apparently edible, though he hasn’t tried them! On further research, this is actually true, and the berries are said to taste like toffee or caramel – however, we must tell you to be careful when eating any berries off plants, and do your own research to make sure that it is edible.


Leycesteria formosa 'Little Lanterns'

Where can you find the Leycesteria ‘Little Lanterns’?

At Hillier we grow on our own nurseries, giving us power to protect, nurture and provide all of our plants with the best scenario to thrive and grow. We grow around one million top-quality plants each year in our nurseries, which are sold across our 18 Garden Centres and online at hillier.co.uk, along with everything else you need for your garden.


Leycesteria formosa 'Little Lanterns'

About Hillier Nurseries

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  • Sheila Green

    Love this plant I’ve had one in my garden for 18 years. I purchased it from a gardening club soon after we moved into our new property.

    April 14, 2022

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