Sarcococca Purple Gem

The gem-like ruby-coloured stems of the Sarcococca Purple Gem are one thing – but the bushiness of this shrub makes it a real showstopper! Sarcococcas usually aren’t the most dense of shrubs; however, this variety is ideal for creating depth and volume in a border, and has some pollinator-friendly qualities too!


How to grow Sarcococca Purple Gem

Flowering time: February-April

Location: Patio pot, low hedge, borders

Soil: Moist, well-drained soil

Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Water freely in summer and sparingly in winter

Care: Pruning is not necessary but can be done after flowering

Size: 75cm height and 50cm spread


Sarcococca Purple Gem

How was this plant created?

Sarcococca Purple Gem was created by tree nursery Robert Rijnbeek in Boskoop, The Netherlands. Brothers John and Erik Rijnbeek began growing Sarcococca in 2014, and after around two year saw a mutation in the Sarcococca h. humilis. They removed the plant and began taking cuttings. The Purple Gem stood out among the humilis because it has a much bushier growth habit. 

After several years of taking small numbers of cuttings, Robert Rijnbeek asked their planting stock supplier to carry out this task for them. They were incredibly enthusiastic as the variety is so easy to propagate and produces an increased amount of cuttings due to its bushy growth, which is quite the opposite of your standard humilis. 

The plant is currently grown in small numbers, as there’s not that much material available yet.


Sarcococca Purple Gem

What’s different about this plant?

The main properties of the Sarcococca Purple Gem are the bushy growth, but also the beautiful red stems. This creates a contrast that turns the shrub into an eye-catching show stopper – even when placed amongst other plants.

To top it all off, the variety also blooms very profusely, creating a stunning display in winter gardens. This is combined with a jasmine-like fragrance that greets you as you enjoy the fresh outdoor air. Pollinating insects will love it, too!


Sarcococca Purple Gem

Where can you plant Sarcococca Purple Gem?

You’ll be pleased to know that Purple Gem has a good root system, and can therefore be planted in any type of soil that is moist but has good drainage. Plant Purple Gem in the sun or semi-shade in the garden or in a pot on a balcony or terrace. Purple Gem is also very suitable to be used as a low hedge!


Sarcococca Purple Gem

Where can you buy this plant?

Sarcococca Purple Gem is available in the UK at Hayloft, Crocus and Cowell’s Garden Centre.

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