Dianella Blue Stream

If you’re used to seeing green and grey Dianella, this plant would likely leave you scratching your head if you didn’t know that it was a variety of the very same species! I’ve talked about the blue-green Dianella ‘Coolvista’ in the past, but this is an even bluer plant that will be sure to bring out the cool hues in your garden.

How to grow Dianella ‘Blue Stream’

Flowering time: Late spring
Location: Mixed containers, mass planting or as an accent plant
Soil: Well-drained
Light: Full sun
Water: Drought tolerant
Care: None
Size: 70cm height, 50cm spread

How was Dianella ‘Blue Stream’ created?

Blue Stream was bred by Floraquest by means of controlled pollination between two different species. The parent plants are codes from their own breeding. Their selection criteria: they wanted a more striking silvery blue foliage colour (instead of green or grey-green) and were looking for broader leaves and an overall larger plant size. 

The crosses were made in 2007, and Blue Stream was finally selected in 2011. It’s a vigorous, well-branched variety that makes many side-shoots, so it fills up a pot nicely – are you ready for a buxom patio display?

What’s different about this plant?

Dianella Blue Stream is a beautiful, new Dianella with broad, light blue leaves that contrast beautifully with both flowering and green plants. Blue Stream has a vigorous, upright growth and branches well with many side shoots. In warmer regions such as France, Dianella Blue Stream blooms in late spring with blue flowers. In colder areas there is no flowering at all – but it is nevertheless an eye catching plant in its own right!

Where can you plant Dianella ‘Blue Stream’?

Plant Blue Stream preferably in the sun in well-drained soil. This Dianella makes a striking addition to mixed containers (try Bacopa cordata or Cerastium), or in a border (try it with nandina or agapanthus) where its steely blue colour can glisten in the sun’s rays!

It’s hardy down to around -7 ºC, so make sure to protect this plant during the colder months if it’s likely to drop below this temperature in your area.

Where can you buy this plant?

You can purchase this plant online in the UK at Cowell’s and Grasslands, and in Ireland at Future Forests.  

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