Plants can be fickle things. One day, you’re caring for a thriving cactus, the next, it starts to rot and ends up in the bin. And don’t even get me started about garden and houseplant pests – you think you’re doing everything right, until these critters come along to claim your plant as their own! Positively dastardly.




If you’ve had your fair share of plant mishaps, or you’re worried that you’ll experience them in future, here are three products that will put your mind at ease. They’re all non-toxic, easy to use and 100% natural!




Killing slugs is never a nice thing to do, even though you can’t help but get mad about them chomping on your salads and hostas.No-Slugs is a natural slug repellent from LAVA-LITE that offers an alternative care method to protect your plants from these slimy bugs. 

The formula is made up of volcanic rock that can be sprinkled around your plants, creating a barrier that slugs don’t like to cross. It’s non-toxic, which means that it won’t harm other wildlife or your plants!

Easy peasy slug protection.




Fungus gnats are annoying insects that breed in moist conditions. So, if you’ve got a house full of plants, all that lovely, moist soil is creating the perfect environment for a fungus gnat infestation.

Instead of succumbing to the problem and putting up with unwanted insects in your home, use No-Gnats to treat and prevent infestations.

Spread it across the top of the soil of each houseplant to create a barrier between the soil and the air. This naturally creates a barrier that prevents gnats from laying their eggs in the soil.

Plus, it actually looks rather swish!




Without a doubt, the most common problem when it comes to caring for cacti and succulents is overwatering. Unfortunately, these plants suffer greatly when overwatered, and it’s not long before rot sets in and kills the whole plant.

Prevent this unnecessary suffering by introducing Cactus-Gro+ into the soil mixture of your cacti and succulents. This formula retains the moisture that the cactus needs, and drains the water that it doesn’t, helping to create bigger, healthier root systems.

No more discarded plants!


Want to know more about LAVA-LITE’s innovative range of plant care products? Visit their website here.

What’s your biggest plant problem? Let me know in the comments section below!

  • Rod

    That No Gnats sounds fantastic, however there are no stockists near me in Preston. So how can I order the product?

    May 1, 2022

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