Buddleja Butterfly Candy

Did you ever go butterfly catching as a child? If you did, or even if your parents had a butterfly bush in their garden, this compact and highly wildlife-attractive buddleja will definitely bring back memories of balmy summers and our favourite winged insects.

A stalwart of UK cottage gardens (not to mention a common sight alongside railway tracks thanks to their ability grow in poor soil conditions and tolerate drought), Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’ puts a spin on the typical traits of the genus, turning it into a very deliberate border or container addition to almost any style of garden.


How to grow Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’

Flowering time: Between June and August (depending on pruning)

Location: Sunny borders and patio pots

Soil: Well-draining soil, tolerant of poor soil

Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Drought tolerant; water throughout dry periods

Care: Low maintenance; prune once per year in spring

Size: 75-100cm height

Buddleja Butterfly Candy

What’s different about this plant?

Crowned best in show at Europe’s largest trolley fair, GROEN-Direkt trolley fair, this plant is certainly show stopping. While most buddlejas will grow to a gangly height of around 250-300cm, this compact plant will ‘stop short’ at 100cm, making it perfect for small gardens, or filling small-to-medium spaces in borders with a nectar-rich plant.


Buddleja Butterfly Candy


On the topic of nectar, Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’ boasts fantastic benefits for pollinators, especially butterflies. As it produces flowers all summer (you can deadhead to prolong flowering), you’ll be pleased to find a stream of butterflies visiting your garden throughout the season. However, while everyone knows the buddleja as the ‘butterfly bush’, it also attracts bees! You can hear all about the fantastic world of bees and pollination in the very first episode of The Plant Based Podcast.

A chart of common UK butterflies


Available in six varieties – Lila; Little Lila; Little Pink; Little Purple; Little Ruby; and Little White – there’s a wide range to choose from when it comes to finding the right hue for your garden.

Buddleja Butterfly Candy

Where can you plant Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’?

Those who have a compact garden no longer have to go without a buddleja – this plant is the ideal size for small gardens, including patio and balcony gardens. It’s as home in a border as it is in a container, and will provide a burst of colour against grey-green foliage that will make an impact in any location.

Buddleja Butterfly Candy

Where can you buy Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’?

Buddleja ‘Butterfly Candy’ is available in the UK from Thompson & Morgan and Hayloft.


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