Begonia Stonehedge

Have you heard? Stonehedge is the hot, new begonia on the block, set to put sales of begonias through the roof – and no, that’s not a misspelling of that well-known ancient monument in Somerset, though it could be just as iconic!

So, what’s all the buzz about this begonia? Well, let me spill the soil on its unique features that will make every begonia lover’s heart skip a beat…


Begonia Stonehedge


The early bird catches the begonia

Picture this: spring is still in the air, but your garden is already aglow with a mesmerising display of blossoms! Begonia Stonehedge is a blooming overachiever when it comes to flowering early in the season, and does so even earlier than BIG. No more impatiently waiting for those pops of colour to show up; this begonia knows how to kickstart the floral fiesta!

Begonia Stonehedge


Tall, dark and handsome

The Begonia Stonehedge is ready to tower above the rest of its compadres! Standing tall at a majestic height of 40 to 48 inches, this begonia adds an impressive vertical dimension to your pots and borders. It’s like having your very own floral skyscraper – quite the head-turner, I must say!

Begonia Stonehedge


Bronze beauty

If you’re all about that warm summer charm, then the Begonia Stonehedge’s bronze leaves will make you very happy! These bronze-toned leaves don’t take away from Stonehedge’s pretty flowers, but complement them, creating a perfect harmony of colours. 


Round and ravishing

We all love well-rounded personalities, and this begonia is no exception! With its round plant habit, the Begonia Stonehedge has a compact and elegant shape that won’t look messy, despite it branching like mad! 



Stronger than stone

Who said begonias can’t be a monumental plant? Not this one! The Begonia Stonehedge was named for its super strong, well branching features, and doesn’t disappoint in almost any setting. It keeps branching until you can no longer keep up, and it’s stronger than any other begonia!


Begonia Stonehedge


On the subject of strength, let’s take a look at some things that are stronger than the stone from which Stonedge gets its name!



Okay, Stonehedge may not be stronger than diamond – but you get the gist! The Begonia Stonehedge by Benary is a floral superstar that checks all the boxes for any gardening enthusiast. From its early flowering prowess to its extraordinary branching, towering height, bronze leaves, and round plant habit – it’s a complete package of a plant!


Begonia Stonehedge


I’m also experimenting with this plant as a houseplant – stay tuned for what I discover!


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