Hydrangea Little Spooky

While this plant is named for its ghost-like flowers, there’s nothing scary about it! In fact, Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’ is a delight for the garden. It’s a gorgeous dwarf paniculata variety that, while being small, captures attention in borders and pots.


How to care for Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’

Flowering time: July to September

Location: Pots, borders, balconies

Soil: Well-draining, fertile soil

Light: Sun or partial shade

Water: Water well while establishing and throughout the growing season

Size: 50cm H x 30cm W

Care: Prune in the spring


Hydrangea Little Spooky

What’s different about this plant?

Typically, Hydrangea paniculata is the largest of the hydrangea types, with some varieties growing up to 15ft tall! However, this dwarf hydrangea stands proud at just 50cm in height, putting the ‘little’ in ‘Little Spooky’!

While being one of the smallest hydrangeas in the family, it still produces huge flowers – you know, the ones that panicle hydrangeas are famous for! These huge, white, cone-shaped, flowers are still able to steal the show in any garden, illuminating partially shaded areas and reflecting the sun in brighter areas.


Hydrangea Little Spooky

How was this plant created?

Created by Guido Rouwette, Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’ is a world first in regards to its compact habit. Guido first stumbled across the plant in a seedfield of a crossing between Hydrangeas ‘Silver Dollar’ and ‘Limelight’, two endlessly popular varieties for panicle hydrangea lovers.

He noted that this plant was small in height and compact in habit, yet still had large flowerheads. Upon seeing its white blooms, an image of little ghosts came to mind, and he named the plant ‘Little Spooky’.

From discovery to market, the production time took eight years. Worth the wait for such an unusual plant!

See Guido talking more about Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’ below:


Where can you plant Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’?

Because Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’ is such a compact hydrangea, it’s perfect for small gardens and areas where there is not much space, but where a little excitement is needed. Think narrow borders, or under trees. It’s also ideal for pots and balconies!


When it comes to pruning Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’, prune it in the same way that you would a regular panicle hydrangea. In fact, I’ve got a helpful tutorial here:


Where can you buy Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’?

Hydrangea ‘Little Spooky’ is available in the UK from Thompson & Morgan and Gardening Express. You can find it in the EU at JardinPourVous.


Hydrangea Little Spooky


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