The last time I visited my energetic friend, Lorna Ko, she had a new toy. It was a scooter. Now, I hadn’t ridden a scooter since I was around 4 years old, and certainly hadn’t considered riding once at the age of 36. 

However, she encouraged me to have a go. After a few safety tips from Lorna (avoid potholes!), I was scooting around Chiswick and hooked on this free of charge, flexible transport system! We scooted right up to the door of our chosen bistro joint, quickly folded our transport and then tucked into some tapas and gossip.

Seeing the glee on my face, Lorna quickly got in touch with the guys at Microscooters and they helped me out with my own scooter, just in time for my 3 week trip to New York City!

photo-08-10-2016-08-08-13 photo-08-10-2016-09-00-42The model I chose had lovely big, BMX-style wheels too. This gave a faultless ride over the ups and downs of the New York grid system streets, and meant I could (potentially) tackle potholes with gusto, should they arise!

The very first outing for the scooter was actually on a star-spotting trip, as we chased down Madonna’s New York duplex! Stalkers? No! The location was a few km away, so this meant a bus trip. However, the microscooter could be folded down super quick, and was as easy to carry as a briefcase! I bet Madonna was admiring my ride from her window that night.

photo-10-10-2016-20-53-00My microscooter was also taken on a night-time Central Park jaunt! It’s amazing how much freewheeling you can get from just a few scoots with your foot! I also managed to conquer the braking system, which takes some nifty footwork, but once you get it, you get it!

I would really recommend a microscooter to anyone in an urban area, as you can save on public transport, and soak up the scenery whilst you scoot!! My model is a Flex Deluxe!

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