This isn’t quite the article that you may expect. It isn’t about where to eat organic, green food, moreover it’s about where to eat and drink amongst GREENERY!

I am super lucky to travel the world with my Plant Geek activities and always make a special effort to track down spots where I can indulge two of my passions in one; houseplants and coffee!

I hope you can visit at least one of these on your upcoming travels:

Palm Vaults; London, England

If you’re tall like me, you’ll need to duck your head as you navigate the table situation in this delightful coffee joint. Billowing Sedum morganianum, Rhipsalis and Ferns hang in macrame holders to enhance your dining pleasure.

Way ahead of the unicorn refreshments trend, Palm Vaults create a range of colourful, yet healthy drinks. I opted for a very tasty lavender cappuccino, sided with a nice jalapeno cheese toastie!

Mica Coffee Bar; Haarlem, Netherlands

I caught this one on a typically quite Dutch Sunday, and it truly was a side-street find. A clean, minimal interior and well-chosen, architectural plants gave this coffee bar a chilled vibe.

Some suitably inspirational reading matter was housed on magazine racks too. Without any music, the ambience was a gentle blend of english and dutch chatter.

523 Coffee; Oct Loft, Shenzhen, China

I am a little in love with the Oct-Loft area in Shenzhen; it’s modern, a bit kooky and has all sorts of interesting shops and food stops nestled in it’s maze of pedestrianised streets.

523 spills out onto the pavement nicely, perfectly capturing the outside-in nature of this cafe. Plants of all shapes and sizes command your attention, and your camera lens. I sipped a rather gorgeous iced lavender fizz too!

The Park; New York, USA

Actually more than a cafe, and totally worth visiting, is The Park, which is just that, in fact you’ll get confused as to whether you’re inside or out!

With Wisteria twirling by the tables, and the entire side of restaurant being taken up by a green wall, this has to be the best backdrop for a New York cheat meal. The cocktails weren’t bad either!

Petersham Nurseries; Richmond, London

An actual conversion of old glasshouse to restaurant, with some adorable original features, such as an uneven sandy floor! It’s one of those nicely hidden places too, with a driveway just an inch larger than your car.

I couldn’t resist the polenta cake and ginger tea, as I sat back and reminisced on the days when I had my own greenhouse! People flock to this coffee station, regardless of their level of horticultural interest too!

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