Hmm, a few of my Facebook fans got me thinking the other day. There are lots of listings and advice for slug-proof plants, rabbit-proof plants, and so on. But, how about PEOPLE-proof plants. Plants that don’t fail, even when you and your garden do..

I have used my experience and knowledge to choose 10 plants that I would consider ‘people-proof’! Here are the first 5! So whether you’ve got a poor soil which has ghastly rubble, an awkward shady spot, or perhaps you neglect your garden and it’s well-trodden by pets.. these are the plants for you! As usual, click the text or photo to buy.

ONE. Hardy Geraniums. These come in almost every shape, size and colour and are almost impossible to kill! Hardy Geraniums are strong growers in any type of soil, sun or shade, most temperatures.. need we go on? They’ll grow better than your weeds do, and thats what we want, right? You can also give them regular haircuts, and they’ll reward you with fresh flourishes of bloom too, sometimes totalling 5 months.

I particularly recommend ‘Rozanne’, which was voted Plant of the Centenary at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago. Found at the bottom of the garden in deep English countryside by two perennial enthusiasts, ‘Rozanne’ quickly become the matriarch of the plant world, and even has it’s own website! 1.7 million plants have been sold worldwide!

The azure blue flowers cover the plants for almost 5 months of the year!







TWO. Lily of the Valley. Oh, it might seem so delicate, but Lily of the Valley is a tough cookie. Despite the usual advice of it loving a moist, shaded spot, it’s actually super adaptable and has become the go-to for people with awkward, dry shady corners.

They’re not just for grandma, Lily of the Valley are a wise choice for a shady corner too!









Convallaria majalis (it’s grown-up name!) gives 3 seasons of interest too; from the moment the fresh spring leaves unfurl, to the sweetly fragrant blooms, to the oft-unnoticed red berries in the autumn. Once established, it’ll spread quickly too. Whilst some may see this growth as occasionally thuggish, it can soften old paving when it pokes it’s sweet heads through. And, remember, it isn’t as strong as bamboo, so won’t actually LIFT any paving…!! It isn’t Geoff Capes.

THREE. Day Lily (Hemerocallis). Now, whilst there are 1,000’s of varieties out there, I’ve chosen to recommend the toughest, which performs in warmer and cooler climates. Be careful you don’t select some of the gorgeous, yet tricky to grow, Californian hybrids..! The big daddy of the Day Lilies is this one, Hemerocallis fulva. As the name suggests, each flower lasts just a day! However, they keep coming all summer long, sometimes reaching a count of 500 per plant!

Hemerocallis are tough and un-killable, in fact you may sometimes spot them where they shouldn’t be!







The fleshy roots actually grab moisture and nutrients when they can, and store it, which means they need less attention from YOU! You’ll find plants will establish super quick, and create clumps of handsome grassy foliage, which looks good enough, even without that yearly carnival of orange blooms! Oh, and if your cat sits on it, it’s strong enough to recover too!

FOUR. Mahonia (Oregon Grape). Here’s a plant that isn’t just easy to grow, but it’ll also keep your pets off the borders, thanks to the holly-like foliage. Mahonia is  a regular sight in landscape planting, which is a fact that shouldn’t make you turn your nose up.. Moreover, it should tell you it’s so easy to grow that they plant it where it’ll be forgotten!

A plant that’s so tough they actually plant it where it’ll be intentionally forgotten!







Whilst Mahonia is often seen as one of the first shrubs to flower in the year, it actually surprises many gardeners by pumping out blooms at other times of year too. It’s not unknown for the fence-covering, upright shrubs to flower in the autumn too! The flowers have a potent fragrance that you’ll be itching to put in a small vase, and the berries are actually edible. They contain Vitamin C, but it isn’t recommend to consume large quantities, just a nibble to try is okay! Unfussy about soil, and they don’t give a •••• if you prune them back hard at any time of year either!

FIVE. Antirrhinums (Snapdragons). You must know Snapdragons? If you don’t, then what was your childhood! I have lovely memories of the little blooms that you can turn them into puppets between your fingers (go try it!) They’re also a bit of a ‘bullet-proof’ plant too, and whilst technically an annual, the plants often come back for a performance in their second year too.

Antirrhinum are an annual, but very often (shhh!) act as a perennial in the garden!









Coming in almost every colour of the rainbow, they are easy to grow from seed or plant and will grow in any soil, even on rubble, I bet! Loving the sun, but also putting up with shade, Antirrhinums flower for many months and originate in Mediterranean countries, so know how to look after themselves. For many years, the flowers were thought to have supernatural powers and could protect you from witchcraft. However, on a lighter note, they are edible, and will shock your summer dinner guests when you serve them as part of the salad!!

So, that’s Part One of my ‘people-proof plants. If you have some more suggestions for the un-killable, un-shakable, un-stampable, then please do comment below. Thanks!


  • I’ve got a few gardens where customer-proof plants are needed. One has three giant labradoodles. Untrained! Have you seen the size of their paws!!! Just saying 😉

    April 15, 2017
    • Hope this helps! Feel free to add more suggestions

      April 15, 2017
      • Well, so far no one seems to kill rudbeckias. They seem immune to inadequate watering and don’t need dead-heading. Luckily. Potentilla Lovely Pink is my most trample-proof plant for gardens with unruly pooches. All the best. Karen. Ps. When you coming home?

        April 15, 2017
  • I’ve managed to kill Geranium Rozanne & several Hemerocallis… There doesn’t seem to be any Antirrhinum growing anymore either.

    Can I blame the Ground Elder? 😢

    April 16, 2017
  • Reblogged this on londoncottagegarden and commented:
    What a sensible list of five plants that are in no way boring but are reliable and get on with growing, which is what we want.

    April 16, 2017
  • Love this list, we spend so much time planning our gardens around soil, pests and weather that we forget about humans! especially when you have a little family growing up.

    A plant that I have in my garden that seems to get a battering but has proven resilient is the Sansevieria, I love this plant as it’s low maintenance and looks beautiful.

    April 19, 2017
    • Indoor or outdoor !?? They’re outdoor in Florida and look beautifulllllll

      April 19, 2017
  • Ah I was wondering about cutting back our mahonia – and you’ve reassured me I can prune away 😃

    April 21, 2017
  • luise kehr

    In my garden in Upper Austria, sweet william has proven to be truly robust, they’ve come back for the 16th year without any extra TLC from me.

    May 4, 2017
  • deciduous agapanthus like Navy Blue and Blue Moon almost impossible to kill as long as it is in the sun

    June 2, 2017

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