World Cucumber Day is being celebrated on June 14th, so I felt it was the perfect time to delve into the world of this intriguing green fruit. After all, what else is 2 foot long, 95% water and able to cure a squeaky hinge?!

  1. Cucumbers originate from south East Asia.
  2. Cucumbers can be up to 2 foot long!
  3. China produces 76% of cucumber and gherkin production in the world.
  4. A raw cucumber is actually 95% water.
  5. A whole cucumber is just 16 calories.
  6. Cucumbers can be grown in soilless medium, such as in water (hydroponic).
  7. The large leaves on a cucumber plant provide shading for the developing fruits.
  8. In Northern England, pickled cucumbers are sometimes called ‘wallies’.
  9. In Roman times, Emperor Tiberius had cucumber on his table daily all year round.
  10. Cucumber plants climb by tendrils, which are thin spiralling shoots.
  11. During the 17th century, hygiene prejudices meant uncooked vegetables, such as cucumber, fell out of favour.
  12. Cucumbers can cool the body and the blood, which gave rise to the phrase ‘cool as a cucumber’.
  13. Cucumbers contain some carbohydrates, so can act as an energy pick me up mid afternoon.
  14. A slice of cucumber pressed to the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds can kill bacteria and freshen the breath!
  15. The cooling effects of cucumber can soothe sunburn. Mix up a puree and apply it to affected areas.
  16. Christopher Columbus is said to have taken cucumbers to Haiti in 1494.
  17. It takes just 12 weeks from sowing cucumber seed to harvesting the fruits!
  18. Some supermarket-bought cucumbers can be 2 weeks old, growing your own will be much more fresh!
  19. Harvesting cucumbers regularly will mean your plant will produce more and more fruits!
  20. Cucumber slices can be rubbed on noisy hinges to lubricate them!

In observance of World Cucumber Day on 14 June, Hendrick’s Gin are asking drinkers around the world to join them by growing or adopting a cucumber! On that day, there shall be a “harvest-and-garnish ceremony”.

To assure scientific objectivity, they ask that everyone taste their results by way of a Hendrick’s & Tonic garnished with cucumber, it’s that easy! Find out more in ‘The Unbearable Charm of Plant Life’:


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