Lilies are much loved, but also much feared, in the eyes of cat lovers. The pollen of real Lilies can be poisonous to cats. Rather than take the risk, most cat lovers have removed all traces of lovely Lilies from their gardens.

Likewise, fashionistas often go to great lengths to avoid Lilies for fear of the dreaded pollen, which is one of the most difficult stains to remove from blouses and shirts…! The pollen can also aggravate allergies too. Furthermore, Lilies often disappoint gardeners, taking up a lot of space for not much reward, as they usually flower for three weeks tops! And, let’s not even mention Lily beetle…

However, now there’s pollen-free, long flowering, cat friendly Lilies… and they’re not quite what you’d expect…

Get cat friendly Lilies the faux way

Artificial flowers have really evolved over recent years. Gone are the days of faded nylon bouquets, nestling forgotten in a porch or simply dumped on a garage shelf. ‘Faux flowers’ now come in a range of very different and unique materials, including high quality polyester fabric, silk, and surprisingly, steel.

I am incredibly proud to bring these hand-crafted metalwork Lilies to ‘Michael’s Garden World’ on QVC. They will debut on the midnight show on Monday 20th August. They are available in pink or white, and there are 3 Lilies in each pack, at a cost of £29.98 per pack. Order yours here. They are the perfect finishing touch for your garden, and can be used alongside real plants or simply just as a fun decoration.

The stakes of these fabulous Lilies are adjustable and can be used at three different heights, maxing out at 1.2m high. The stem is dressed with authentic Lily foliage too. Use them as a feature point, or use them practically in the border to support your other plants. The steel construction is weatherproof and each bloom has a drainage hole to ensure excess water drains away, and doesn’t encourage rusting.

I often talk about ‘garden jewellery’ on air (and wrote about it recently too) and how it can add some personality and a finishing touch to your outdoor space. We have come a long way since the gnomes of the 80s!

Could you tell the difference?

You may think – as a horticulturist – I shouldn’t be advocating the use of artificial blooms. I often do quite the opposite, in fact. I completely recognise that there’s a market for people that haven’t time to garden, people who haven’t the space to garden, people that love plants but have hay-fever, people with pets that they want to keep safe…

It’s my belief faux flowers and plants can be used to great effect alongside real growing plants. The accent of these Lily sculptures can look fantastic against a green foliage or shrubby background, as you can see from our fab demo photos:

Cat friendly lilies

Have we tempted you with these hand-crafted metalwork cat friendly Lilies? I do hope so. Tune in for ‘Michael’s Garden World’ at midnight on Monday 20th August for the live launch. The price is £29.98 for 3 Lilies, order here.

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