Garden lighting: Stake lighting

There’s a new buzzword in garden design and it’s called “lightscaping”. Now, garden lighting might not be the first thing you think about when you buy or rent a house, but it really makes a difference to your garden – and not just a visual difference.

Getting the right lighting for your garden brings with it a multitude of benefits, from a change in mood at a summer party to bumping up your decor points. Best of all, a lot of garden lighting these days is solar powered, so you’re saving on energy and helping the environment.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in garden lighting:


Garden lighting: security lighting

Security lighting in your garden gives you peace of mind. If you see that bright light switch on, you’ll know to be on guard – or else it’s just a nosey hedgehog! If your lighting is solar powered and stays on all night, this works great as a deterrent as an intruder won’t want to be seen.

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Showing off the garden

Why should your garden appreciation have to end at nightfall? Use garden lighting to show off your plants in a completely different light. Let their many hues shine in the darkness with the help of unfiltered light, or bring a unique mood to your garden with coloured lighting.

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Summer parties

Are you the hostess with the mostess? Throw the summer party of the season by placing your garden lighting in areas where it will speak to your guests. Maybe there’s a patio area where everyone congregates, or a seating area which is perfect for a chinwag? Place lighting in these areas to encourage your guests to party way past nightfall.

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Moonlit garden effects

Take your night garden to a whole new level by introducing lighting with effects. You can create an enchanting moonlit midnight garden with just a few lights – no need to spend big! Pick effects like twinkling or colour changing to make your garden look like an interactive work of art.

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Lighting up areas with decorative items

Garden lighting: Flamingo stake lighting

Lights don’t just have to look like lights! You can find all sorts of beautiful decorative lighting, like these pretty flamingoes. They’re perfect as garden ornaments during the day, and transform into stunning lighting features by night.

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