IPM Essen plant trends

I’ve just spent the day at the International Plant Market in Essen, Germany-  affectionately known as IPM. 12 halls full to the brim with horticultural prowess from all corners of the globe!

Here’s my pick of the up and coming trends!

1. Houseplant Lamp!

Terrarium light

This remarkable invention combines houseplants with a table lamp. It’s simply a terrarium with lighting and lamp shade. So simple yet so amazing. And, I bet you all want one, don’t you??

2. Funky Mirrors


How about a ready-made planter in front of your mirror? These cacti look great, but you might not be able to help feeling a bit prickly in the mornings?

3. Bulbs in Knits

Amaryllis bulbs continue to innovate. Rather than having a wax coating they are now wearing little knitted jackets. Alternatively, you have a self-supporting steel frame – that’s a godsend too.

4. Painted leaves

And rather than dye, paint is being applied directly to the surface of the flower as well. Check out these orchids and monstera leaf!

5. Begonias are King!

The popularity of begonias shows no sign of slowing. The foliage varieties have gone from social outcasts to the most popular kids in school. There are yet more colours available to quench your thirst too!

6. Cheating Sweet Peas

Yellow flowers

Where plant breeders fail, a simple colour dye in the water succeeds! Check out these amazing sunset Sweet Peas.

7. No more rules!

Flower arrangement

Florists in particular are breaking down boundaries when it comes to the plants and flowers they use in their arrangements. Here we see a mixture of flowers, houseplant foliage, and dried pieces.

8. Floating containers

Flower assortment

You can now grow any plants you want in your pond, they just need one of these amazing floating patio containers!

9. Upcycling with style

Plant in a clear vase

The results of upcycling can be somewhat unpredictable. Here’s a slightly more premium version, using old plastic wine bottles!

10. Desert Rose Graffiti

Face painted on a plant

Of course, it seems so obvious now, the wide trunks of Adenium are just ripe for some creative flair!

11. Kids Ruling the Plant Shelf

Face plant pots

There are some excellent ways kids are getting involved with gardening, and not just outdoors. These Playmobil heads are excellent for a child’s bedroom, and they’re also suitable for big kids too!

What’s your favourite trend from this list? Leave a comment below!

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  • Artur

    Funky Mirrors, Begonia is King , Florist and floating pot.

    January 29, 2020
  • Sophie

    Loving the terrarium lamps and plastic wine bottles!

    January 30, 2020
  • I just LOVE the terrarium lamps and upcycling!

    February 5, 2020
  • Ciao, very simple nice and fantasious website. You are “refreshing” the way to see plants and flowers in this caos world. It’s a nice way to show a different way of ” what’s after” the old way to see the plants. New generations are becoming much more sensible of the old generation and you are one of the testimonial.
    Good Luck.!

    And excuse for my “maccaroni” English

    March 30, 2020

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