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It’s the new seed buying season, and I thought I’d look at what all the major seed companies are offering. There is some excellent new flowers, and a few exciting veg to. The first edition of this series covered from Sutton Seeds.

If you want to see new seeds from even more retailers, I’ve got several articles for you to browse! Click to read about Thompson & Morgan‘s and Sarah Raven‘s new seeds on the block.

Poppy Seeds – Amazing Grey

is it really interesting to see, because I’ve been chasing these unusual colours of poppies for years. There is so much natural variation in the field poppy, I’m not surprised that this has happened. The skill will have been to get them to come true from seed. but all that hard work has been done, and they’re ready for you to grow in your garden. Imagine how gorgeous they’ll look!


Poppy Seeds - Amazing Grey

Idaho Blue-Eyed Grass Seeds – Moody Blues

A neat little grass, that surprises you in the summer with the gorgeous indigo blue flowers. It’s a really easy-going rock and gravel plant, but would also look pretty cool in a window box or patio pot. Big up the Sisyrinchum!


Idaho Blue-Eyed Grass Seeds - Moody Blues

Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker

There has been so much breeding in Echinacea over the years, with colours that were once hard to imagine. However, this is the original pink colour, but selected for this extra tuft of petals. Don’t forget blooms have an awesome honey fragrance too. And easy to grow perennial from seed.


Echinacea Seeds - Doubledecker

Luffa Seeds

Fancy growing your own back scratcher?? Loofah is an excellent squash, which will create a real impact in your garden. Harvest the fruits, and dry them, and then use it for years in the bathroom. Scrub a dub dub!


Luffa seeds

Tomato (Organic) Seeds – Reisetomate

This intriguing tomato is like a cluster of tomatoes all in one. It’s known as the traveller tomato, but I’m not sure why. It would be such fun for a kids lunchbox though!

Check out Thompson & Morgan’s seed article for some more interesting tomatoes!


Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Reisetomate

Wild Blueberry Seeds

The flavour of the original is often the best. Easy to grow from seed, this blueberry is an excellent border plant, with decorative foliage into the autumn, and the flavour of this wild form is also quite exquisite.



Patty Pan Seeds – Greendisc F1

Never seen a squash like this before! Decorative and tasty! Don’t grow more than one plant though.. you know how Squash gluts can be!


Patty Pan Seeds - Greendisc F1

Native British Leaves Seeds – Urban Forager Mix

Super exciting, a mixture of wild leaves. There’s a whole bunch of unusual flavours in here, it’s educational and I’m going to grow some, for sure!


Native British Leaves Seeds - Urban Forager Mix


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  • Barry Bullock

    Very interesting when will these new seeds come available please Michael BAZ

    October 9, 2020

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