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As many of you know, I used to work for Thompson and Morgan as their Plant Hunter of sorts! So it’s very exciting for me when I see the new introductions, and there’s plenty of lovely ones this year. I’ll be getting my sowing boots on!

If you want to see new seeds from even more retailers, I’ve got several articles for you to browse! Click to read about Sarah Raven‘s and Suttons‘ new seeds on the block.

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Xsenia’

Cosmos bipinnatus Xsenia

The colour of this Cosmos is super lovely, almost glowing! With the different pigments of yellow and pink, black. Multi-branching plants, they’re perfect in the border, as well as in patio pots.

Squash ‘Mashed Potatoes’

Squash Mashed Potatoes

The flesh of this squash is really unique, it’s not just packed with goodness, but it has the texture of mashed potato too! Bake them, and then serve with your favourite topping, safe in the knowledge you’re reducing your calorie intake for sure!


Pea ‘Purple Magnolia’ (Sugarsnap)

Pea 'Purple Magnolia' (Sugarsnap)

Anything purple has more antioxidants in, so why not switch up your pea growing habits for this year. Eat them fresh, or steam lightly to keep that awesome colour too! Grow it in flower borders, it’s not worth hiding away on the veg plot!


Busy Lizzie ‘Beacon Mixed’ F1 Hybrid

Busy Lizzie 'Beacon Mixed' F1 Hybrid

There was a sad moment a few years ago when downy mildew began to affect Busy Lizzies. It’s taken a few years, but now we have a more resistant variety, and you can grow it from seed too. Busy Lizzies are perfect for those shady, awkward corners, adding a splash of rainbow!


Tomato ‘Shimmer’ F1 Hybrid

Tomato Shimmer F1 Hybrid

I do love a tomato oddity! Not only is the colour different, but the flavour is more tangy too. A fun variety to grow, you may have to give the fruit a squeeze to tell when it’s ripe though!


Sweet Pea ‘Top to Bottom’

Sweet Pea 'Top to Bottom'

A really comprehensive mix of Sweet Pea varieties, giving all sorts of heights, which ensures that blooms clothe the plants from the base to the very tip!

Want some more sweet pea ideas? Read about Sarah Raven’s new seeds here.


Broccoli ‘Sweet Returns’ F1

Broccoli 'Sweet Returns' F1

A tenderstem that you can grow at home! Easy to grow, takes up very little space, and the stems will be full of nutrients. Boil them, steam them, roast them, or whack them in a stir fry!


Daikon Radish ‘Misato Rose Flesh’ F1 Hybrid

Daikon Radish 'Misato Rose Flesh' F1 Hybrid

Here’s a Radish with a difference, these Asian varieties have a much more tame flavour too. Not only that, but they’re also super decorative!


Antirrhinum ‘Mini Cherry Cola’

Antirrhinum 'Mini Cherry Cola'

We actually gave you a sneak preview of this variety a few months ago, it’s a brand-new dark foliage snapdragon with the most amazing cherry coloured blooms!


Marigold ‘Daisy Wheel Lemon’

Marigold 'Daisy Wheel Lemon'

It’s time there was a new Marigold on the block, and ‘Daisywheel’ is super cool. The filigree petals look amazing, and the primrose yellow colour is just glowing for them borders!


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