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Oh, Sarah Raven, a range built with cut flower use in mind! Be still my beating trowel! The colours are soothing, sensual and sexy. Here’s my pick from the new 2020 range.

If you want to see new seeds from even more retailers, I’ve got several articles for you to browse! Click to read about Thompson & Morgan‘s and Suttons‘ new seeds on the block.


Callistephus chinensis ‘Tower Chamois’

Callistephus chinensis 'Tower Chamois'

Such an unsung cut flower hero, Asters are seldom seen in supermarket flower sections, but why the devil not?! Varieties these days are stronger against the dangers of ‘aster wilt’, or avoid this by growing in pots. The warm apricot chrysanth-like blooms are set off perfectly with their cheeky green collars!


Cinnamon Peach Cut Flower Collection

Cinnamon Peach Cut Flower Collection

An invigorating colour mix, including peachy shades of Zinnias, paired up with zesty purple Basil! Sarah Raven really excels at these types of co-ordinated mixes!


Echinacea purpurea ‘Paradiso Mix’

Echinacea purpurea 'Paradiso Mix'

Breeding has developed on Echinacea (Cone Flower) hugely over the years, and you can now grow the whole colour spectrum from seed! Butterfly magnets, they make awesome cut blooms, and some of the colours have a honey scent too.

Suttons also has some beautiful Echinacea flowers – click here to read their article on new seeds.


Kale ‘Candy Floss’

Kale 'Candy Floss'

You could call this an ‘edi-mental’… as it’s ornamental yet good to eat! Newer breeding which really moves things on for Kale, it no longer deserves to be hidden down the plot. Although, does it look too good to eat!?


Limonium sinuatum ‘QIS Apricot’

Limonium sinuatum 'QIS Apricot'

Statice is such a memory maker for me, my Mum had a bunch of it in the corner of our lounge when I was growing up. But, then, they were bright and gaudy… not like this sensational apricot selection! Drying it is super easy, just hang it upside in a dry shady shed.


Orychophragmus violaceus (Chinese Violet Cress)

Orychophragmus violaceus (Chinese Violet Cress)

Always learning.. this was completely new to me! What a fun edible.. and an amazing colour! Times have changed, tomatoes are not the only colour in your salad these days…


Sweet Pea 'Beaujolais'

Oh, my beating trowel is at it again! Sumptuous, sexy, and it’s all the Sweet Pea I need this season! I better get on with some sowing… October is a great time!



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