Two years ago, just one plant changed the way the world looks at Petunias. That plant managed to draw the attention of regular plant buyers as well as the occasional ‘let’s have a basket outside this summer’ buyers. That Petunia is first up in my top five! And, I dare you not to grow some.. (Click on the photo to buy the plant!)

ONE. Petunia ‘Night Sky’. The mail-order catalogues and newspaper ads featured a huge spotted flower emblazoned with the words ‘every bloom is a constellation.’ This advertising was akin to the way new cars are touted to the public. It was selling a lifestyle. This Petunia wouldn’t just grow well for you, but it would also ‘change your life’, keep your garden looking ‘on point’, and get the neighbours talking. And, boy, it did. Still selling strongly, and with everyone eagerly awaiting the same effect in different colours..

Petunia 'Night Sky'

Petunia ‘Night Sky’








TWO. Petunia ‘Peach Sundae’. The Petunias with Calibrachoa genetics in their parentage have taken a while to become popular. In fact, I first tried to promote them as ‘non-sticky’, as they didn’t mess up your fingers when you deadheaded them. But, who wants to be reminded of deadheading! ‘Peach Sundae’ gave something different though, not only are the blooms smaller, more simple and smooth, but they also change colour like an excitable sunset! A ‘billowing’ plant for basket or pot!

Petunia 'Peach Sundae'

Petunia ‘Peach Sundae’








THREE. Petunia ‘Tumbelina Maria’. Utter indulgence! The Tumbelina Series are bred by UK expert, David Kerley, and they are double-flowered Petunias, with a cute powder-puff appearance and a sugary fragrance! They are fantastic in every way, and bred to survive the English weather (i.e. summers) too! You’ll be amazed by the fragrance, and I recommend you plant up a window box with lots of the denim-blue beauties!

Petunia 'Tumbelina Maria'

Petunia ‘Tumbelina Maria’








FOUR. Petunia ‘Art Deco’. A really quite different Petunia, which has a ‘confident’ habit, with upright growth which can sometimes tumble over due to the weight of the flamboyant blooms. However, this mean it would suit borders well, perhaps even mixed amongst your cottage garden favourites. Make sure you don’t relegate your Petunias to bedding schemes every time! The selection of flower types are phenomenal, ranging from fancy double to crested single, and all with a circus of pink and white colourings.

Petunia 'Art Deco'

Petunia ‘Art Deco’








FIVE. Petunia ‘Amore’. I also wrote about this in my ‘Top 5 coolest plants’, but it’s so good I had to tell you again! Not only are the flowers cheerfully fleurescent, but they also have a heart on the tip of every petal! How devilishly romantic! So, you can see what I’m saying, get with the Petunia this summer!!

Petunia 'Amore'

Petunia ‘Amore’






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